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Healing Prayer

Jesus healed all sorts of people from every disease and sickness, and sent His followers out with power and authority to do the same. At Rockyview, we believe and have personally seen that the same Jesus and Holy Spirit who healed people when Jesus walked on this earth still heals people today. If you are physically unwell and would appreciate someone praying for you to be healed, our healing prayer team would love to pray for you. No strings attached.

These individual sessions are held in Rockyview's prayer room on Friday mornings, but we can also accommodate other times throughout the week if needed. We would also love to pray for you at the end of our Sunday morning service.

To sign up for an appointment, please click the button to fill out our form:

Healing Testimonies

Jody had a lot of pain and very limited mobility in his right shoulder and arm from a biking accident. After a few minutes of prayer, Jody moved his arm and shoulder with full motion and no pain and exclaimed to Brendyn, "what did you do man?!" Brendyn responded by saying, "that was Jesus, the Son of God, who just came and healed you, showing His love for you. What He just did for your shoulder, He wants to do for every part of your life."

- Man healed from shoulder injury

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Note: if Friday mornings do not work for you please indicate this on the form and we will make an alternate arrangement that works better for you.

For any questions or comments please contact our church office at or phone us at 403-280-2239

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