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Rockyview Youth is open to all teenagers in grades 7-12.  Currently we are meeting in person on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm in the main church building.  


This fall brings unprecedented changes for teenagers and families due to COVID-19.  The RAC Youth program will also be affected by these changes.  RAC Youth desires to partner with families to help teenagers recognize Jesus Christ as their foundation, and to develop them as life-long passionate followers of Jesus Christ.  

Contact Pastor Russ at for more details.  

Please see our COVID-19 protocols for Rockyview Youth below.  


Program information
Rockyview Youth will be meeting on Wednesday Nights in the church building from 7-9pm. Currently we are meeting downstairs in our children's space so that we can properly social distance from each other.  
We will be sitting socially distanced for games and teaching.  
For any games we play together, we will sanitize before and after the game, and we will be playing games that do not require physical touch.


If your child or anyone in your home has had COVID symptoms in the last 24 hours, we ask that you remain at home.  
Before coming to youth, leaders, teenagers and all participants of Rockyview Youth must self -screen for symptoms before attending using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist.  
Parents must notify the youth pastor if your teenager of family has travelled outside of the country in the past 14 days.  

We are required to keep attendance of everyone attending our events in accordance with AHS guidelines.  You can find the form by clicking here.  
Please be advised that any friends your teenagers bring will have to complete the form before they can attend our Wednesday night program.  

Drop off and Pickup
The main church doors will be our entry point for Wednesday nights.  
Pickup will be at the office doors.  
If you come inside to drop off, or pickup your teenager, you will have to follow all of our social distancing procedures.  

Masks will be required while we are in the church building for leaders and teenagers.  
While I am teaching and leading games I will be standing behind a plexiglass shield.  I will take my mask off while behind the shield so that teenagers can better understand and hear me.  
Clear plastic face shields are permitted for individuals medically unable to wear a mask.  
Masks will be provided for those who forget to bring one.  

At this time we will not be serving any food.  

Online Options
At this time I am still working to find a way to provide an online option for teenagers who are unable to attend youth in person.  As soon as I have more information on this I will make it available to you.  

Facility Cleaning
High touch-points, such as door handles, will be sanitized before and after RAC Youth
If possible, doors will be propped open.  
Bathrooms will be disinfected before and after RAC Youth.  
The water fountain will not be available for now
RAC Youth attendees will not be able to hang up their coats, but they can keep them on the back of their chair.

What if someone who attends is found to have COVID-19? 
As you are wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance, you would not be considered a close contact and would not be required to isolate if someone who attended the same service tests positive for COVID-19. You may be contacted by Alberta Health Services to go for testing as a precautionary measure. In support of public health contact tracing we will be keeping a record of who has attended an In- Person Service. We are required to keep attendance of all events, in accordance with AHS Guidelines and will follow the protocol they set on this. Rockyview Alliance Church will have full ownership of these attendance lists and will only be asked to share them with AHS if a potential exposure occurs. If there is an exposure, all staff, attendees, and volunteers who were present at the time of the exposure will be notified that an exposure may have occurred. Attendance lists from the time of the exposure will be shared with Alberta Health Services for contact tracing purposes only. 


Contact Pastor Russ at for more details.  

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