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Grandparenting Summit 2023


2023 Legacy Grandparenting Summit  |  TOPICS

  • Jerry Foster: "Indifference, Indulgence or Influence. The Choice is Ours"

  • Anne Gillies: "Understanding Cross-Sex Identity and Gender Dysphoria"

  • Mark Yarbrough: "You Gotta Know it to Give It: Igniting the Next Generation with God’s Grand Narrative”

  • Walt Mueller: "Helping Your Grandkids Develop a Biblical Worldview in a Post-Christian World"

  • Mark Gregston: "Grandparenting Teenagers"

  • Kathy Koch: "Raising Resilient Grandchildren"

  • Hal Habecker: “An Ordinary Grandparent” (What Does God Ask of Us As Ordinary Grandparents?)

  • Jeremiah/Jean Castille: "Practical Ways You Can Become an Intentional Christian Grandparent"

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